Opera Bałtycka

version for the visually impaired

Technical data


– address: Aleja Zwycięstwa 15, 80-219 GDAŃSK
– volume: 56.688 m3
– building area: 4.433 m2
– usable area: 9,430 m2


– stage width (usable): 15 m.
– stage height (to the technical ceiling): 16.5 m.
– stage depth (from the curtain to the lift no. E47): 16.5 m.
– stage floor: boards, black matt
– width of the portal (window) of the stage: 10.5 m. (fixed portal towers)
– the height of the portal (window) of the stage: from 4.5m to 6.5 m. (mobile portal)

list of items

a) manual: 36 pieces + 6 pieces of side stamps
b) with electric drive: 11 pieces
– stamps: tube – diameter: 60 mm, length: 12m (+ 2m telescopes)
– lift capacity (max): up to 220 kg for manual cutouts and 200 kg for electric cutlery
– black color:
a) backstage perpendicular to the stage axis (6 lines) with dimensions of 3.5x12 m.
b) backstage obliquely to the axis of the stage (3 pairs) with dimensions of 4.5x9 m.
c) aprons (4 pcs.) with dimensions of 3.5x12 m.
d) curtains (2 pcs.) with dimensions of 7x12 m.
e) curtain (1 item) with dimensions of 10x12 m.
f) divided curtains (2 pieces) with dimensions of 10x7 m. each
g) divided curtains (2 items) with dimensions of 14x7 m. each
– iron curtain (on the stage portal)
– main curtain – material: CLIVIA in burgundy, multi-layered, German-style (top-bottom) manually controlled (from the left side of the stage)
– projection screens (5 pcs):
a) white for two-sided projection in the portal of the stage – dimensions 7x12 m.
b) gray for front projection (3 pcs.) – 14x7 m. each
c) black for projection on a frame – 3x4 m.

– WAMAT aluminum practices (114 pieces): (width / length / height) 100–200 x 20–300cm (interchangeable legs);
– WAMAT aluminum practices (20 pieces): (width / length / height) 100x200x20–100cm (height adjustable every 20cm);
– aluminum traverses of the 290x290 mm. system; list of traverses

–scaffolding and elevators:
a) mobile scaffold KiS 08/17; working height up to 12.5 m.; load up to 150 kg
b) ClimTec mobile scaffolding; working height up to 7 m.; load up to 180 kg
c) Genie AWP-40S lift; working height up to 14 m.; load up to 136 kg


– ramp (gate) No. 1 from Multikino side (right side of the stage) – roller shutter door (width / height) 2x3.35 m., access width 3.45 m. (bridge); fold-out ramp (ramp)

– ramp (gate) No. 2 from Al. Hallera (left side of the stage) – roller shutter door (width / height) 2.45x3.65 m., elements up to 4 m. long; trucks up to 7 m. long; no ramp or ramp

– PR1000 / 1600 hand forklift truck capacity 1000 kg, arrangement of ramps


– CONSOLE1 – grandMA2 light
– CONSOLE2 – Strand Lighting, Light Palette VL (2 x DMX OUT)
– DIMMERS stage – Strand Lighting, Wallrack
– DIMMERS house – Strand Lighting, LD90


– Moving Heads SPOT – CLAY PAKY, ALPHA SPOT HPE 700 – 6 pcs.
– Moving Heads WASH – MAC TW1 1200W – 12 pcs.
– Moving Heads Profile – LUMA1500SH – 8 pcs.
– LED Asymmetric Cyclight – Robert Juliat, Dalis 860 – 14 pcs.
– Svobodas Ramp, ADB, HT2251, 9x2 – 6 pcs.
– PAR 64, DTS 1kW – ​​+/- 20 pcs.
– PC 2KW, Spotlight Vario 25 – 8 pcs.
– Fresnel 2KW, Spotlight Area 25 – 4 pcs.
– PC 1 KW spotlight, Art-Lighting, FHR 1000 – 6 pcs.
– Profiles, ETC, S4, 750, 260 – 2 pcs.
– Profiles, ETC, S4, 750, 360 – 2 pcs.
– Profiles, ETC, S4, 750, 500 – 18 pcs.
– Profile, Robert Juliet, 2.5 KW, 700SX2 – 1 pcs.
– Asymmetric Cyclight, 1KW, Art-Lighting, AHR 1000 – +/- 15 pcs.
– JEM, Stage Hazer, MKII – 1 pcs.
– Heavy Fog, Antari DNG 200 – 1 pcs.
– Atmospheric Fog, MDG ATMe – 1 pcs.
– STANDS – 12 pcs.
– BOOMS, Hight 1.80 (PC Art-Lighting, FHR1000 x 4) – 8 pcs.



Audience sound system

– column speakers:
NEXO PS15 – 4 pcs.
NEXO RS15 – 2 pcs.
DAS R115 – 2 pcs.
– amplifiers:
NEXO NXAMP4x4 – 1 item
SYNQ Digit 2K2 – 1 item

Stage sound system

– column speakers:
NEXO PS10 – 2 pcs.
JBL H350 – 2 pcs.
DAS R215 – 2 pcs.

– amplifiers:
SYNQ Digit 2K2 – 4 pcs.


– wired microphones
SHURE BETA58 – 1 item
SENNHEISER e845 – 2 pcs.
SENNHEISER e855 – 2 pcs.
AUDIO TECHNICA AE5100 – 2 pcs.
RODE NT5 – 6 pcs.
– wireless microphones
SENNHEISER e835 – 4 pcs.
SENNHEISER e865 – 4 pcs.
SENNHEISER HSP4 (headband) – 2 pcs.
SENNHEISER MKE40 (tie) – 2 pcs.

Sound booth equipment

Mixer YAMAHA LS9-32 – 1 pc.
minidisc TASCAM MD-350 – 1 item
minidisc PIONEER MJ-D508 – 1 item
CD player TASCAM CD-01U – 1 item
CD burner PHILIPS CDR880 – 1 item
PC with Windows 7 and Adobe Audition 3.0
EMU 0404USB sound card

Portable sound equipment (can be used on stage, foyer, patio)
PHONIC MU1822X mixer
CD / MP3 / USB player GEMINI CDMP-2600 – 1 item
– column speakers:
NEXO PS8 – 4 pcs.
JAMO PA4008 – 2 items
PHONIC PA450 – 2 pcs.
– amplifiers:
FENDER SPL 9000 – 1 item
SYNQ Digit 2K2 – 1 item


– video mixer: DataVideo SE-500 – 3 pcs.
– the multimedia device control station is located in the lighting booth (on the ground floor of the auditorium in the central part under the balcony)
– standard projector mounting locations:
a) for front projection: from the cab to the screen in the portal window or to the screen suspended on the stage, from the portal to the screen in the back of the stage
b) for rear projection: from the depth of the stage onto a screen in the portal window or another screen (for rear projection) suspended on the stage
– preview of the stage action with monitors in the manager's desk, lighting and sound booths, in the corridors of the stage back room + mobile monitor
– preview of the conductor (orchestras) with monitors in the manager's desk, lighting and sound booths, on CRT 21 "portal towers, auditors in the audience (LCD - 42" - 2 items), mobile monitors (TV CRT 21" – 1 item), TV CRT 15" – 3 pcs, LCD TV 32" – 2 pcs.)

– Canon XA25 camera
– board for displaying texts: display (orange LEDs) placed above the portal window; two lines of 55 characters; controlled by a computer in the director's cabin on the ground floor of the audience on the right under the balcony;

list of multimedia devices
arrangement of multimedia devices


– manager's desk  right side of the stage
– radio station with stage listening to all rooms of the stage backroom
– wired intercom providing communication with: lighting cabin, sound system, director's position, positions of the operator of the headlight and the curtain
– stage action preview (monitor)
– conductor preview in the orchestra (monitor)
– signaling: curtain, lift, stage action
– clock, stopwatch and temperature indicator on the manager's desk
– HME DX200 wireless intercom: 10 HME WH200 headsets
intercom plan scene and audience: [download file]


– proscenium width: from 10.5 to 18 m.
– proscenium height (to the ceiling of the audience): 9.5 m.
– proscenium depth to the curtain (with the orchestra closed): 6 m.
– proscenium depth to the curtain (with an open orchestra): 2 m.

[Photo], [photo]
proscenium plan top view and cross-section: [    download file]


– number of seats: 55
– equipment: conductor's platform, conductor's desk with lighting, musicians' desk with lighting – 40 sets
– constant depth (up to the stage level): 2.35 m.
– covered manually (plates) from above

[Photo], [photo]
orchestra plan: [download file]


– ground floor level wardrobes: 2 items (can be used during the rental)
– wardrobes on the first floor: 7 items (can be used during the rental)
– 2nd level wardrobes: 6 items
– toilets and showers: ground floor (only toilets), first floor, second floor; in the middle of the corridor

[Photo] [photo]
list of wardrobe equipment: [  download file]
wardrobe layout plan: [ download file]


large ballet hall: width / length / height 14x15x6.5 m. – Ground floor
equipment: sound system: Peavey PR15 loudspeakers, amplifier + line mixer, double CD player, DVD player, 40” LCD TV; piano; mirrors; rods [photo]
small ballet hall: 9x14x5.8 m. – 3rd floor
equipment: sound system: Peavey PR12 loudspeakers, amplifier + line mixer, single CD player, DVD player; 21" CRT TV; piano; mirrors; rods [photo]
orchestra rehearsal room: 7x18x5.3 m. – 1st floor
equipment: piano, 65 chairs, 45 desks, platform and conductor's desk [photo]
choir rehearsal room: 9x12x 3–4.2 m. – cellars
equipment: piano, 49 chairs, 42 desks, conductor's desk with seat and music stand [photo]
director's hall: 9x14x5.9 m. – 3rd floor
equipment: piano, table, chairs and desks as needed [photo]


– number of places: 472 + 4 for people with physical disabilities
– distribution of seats:
a) ground floor front (rows from I to VIII) – 184 places
b) rear ground floor (rows from IX to XVII) – 232 places + 4 places for the disabled
c) balcony – 56 seats

[Photo] [photo] [photo]
audience plan ground floor: [  download file]
audience plan balcony: [ download file]


– area: 600 m2
– cloakroom and toilets for spectators (going down the stairs in the central part of the foyer)
– lounge (rentable)
– buffet for viewers
– permanent sound system (connection box on the right side of the buffet):
a) CREST Audio LT2000 amplifier – 1 item
b) DAS Factor5 columns – 8 pcs. along the entire length of the foyer with the possibility of using an additional 4 pcs. DAS Factor5 columns
– stage setting up to 40 m2
– the possibility of mounting adjustable or unregulated lighting (up to 24 kW) and movable sound system along the entire length of the foyer

[Photo] [photo] [photo]
plan foyer: [  download file]
foyer lighting plan: [ download file]
foyer sound system plan: [ download file]


– an internal garden with full lighting and sound installations
– entrance from the foyer and audience
– area: 550 m2
– stage can be set up to 20 m2 in part next to the auditorium exits
– tables and chairs can be arranged for viewers

[Photo] [photo]

patio plan: [ download file]

patio lighting plan: [download file]

patio sound system plan: [download file]


– for 100 places on the corner of al. Hallera and ul. Towarowa [photo]
– 150 seats at Multikino (paid) [photo]
– car park for employees between the Opera and Multikino buildings [photo]

parking arrangement plan: [download file]


– main entrance (entrance for spectators, ticket offices) from the Multikino side [photo]
– entrance for employees from ul. Towarowa [foto]
– communication around the Opera [file]