Opera Bałtycka

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  • Costume rent shop closed until the end of August.

    Please be advised that due to the necessity to introduce new sanitary rules, the costume rent shop will remain closed until the end of August.

  • COVID-19 safety rules in the Baltic Opera

    Opera during COVID-19 pandemic – a safe space

    The Time Machine will be the first performance staged at the Baltic Opera during the pandemic. So the great preparations do not only concern the performance. At the same time, space is being organized and new rules are set to ensure safety and ease for both artists and guests.

  • Summary of the Baltic Opera's activities during the pandemic

    It is still too early to summarize the situation of culture after – or maybe during? – the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is unprecedented, so we understand the temptation to learn from it as quickly as possible. We understand, because we too would like to achieve the "new normal" as soon as possible, but before that happens, it is important to communicate precisely about the here and now. The example of some articles from the press made us decide to support journalists by gathering a handful of reliable information on the activity of the Baltic Opera in the last few months in one place. For Polish readers.

  • 70 years of Baltic Opera

    This Sunday we will be celebrating the 70th birthday of the Baltic Opera! 28th of June 1950 was the day of the first premiere of the opera Eugene Onegin composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. As well this is the date the Opera was created. 70 years for us means thousands of performances, concerts and other musical events, and more importantly millions of guests and and even more emotions and memories. Let's gather them together and create Baltic Opera Lexicon on the Internet.