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Dance Pack

It is an offer for everyone who wants to develop dance skills and passion for music. Classical, contemporary and modern dance workshops for children, adolescents and adults are lessons under the guidance of experienced ballet artists of the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk. Classes are conducted at various levels. Attending classes improves motor coordination and stimulates the imagination. At the end of the season, there is a solemn presentation of all participants on the opera stage.

Ballet for children (a group of three-year-olds) is learning to dance through play. Children learn simple steps, dance games and simple dance arrangements, learning to interact with the group. The combination of gymnastics and work on dance etudes helps children learn the basic elements of classical dance technique and acquire first stage skills. Older groups (from four to ten years old) perfect the basics of ballet and learn more complex dance arrangements.



Aleksandra Michalak
Maria Kielan-Yoshimoto
Agnieszka Wojciechowska

Contemporary dance awakens creativity, teaches improvisation, and enables the expression of emotions. The basis of contemporary dance technique is ballet, but it lacks the characteristic discipline of movements that characterize ballet. A characteristic feature of contemporary dance is the isolation of individual parts of the body, which moves on different planes and at different speeds. Classes for teenagers and adults consist of a warm-up with elements of stretching and work on improving the technique in original choreographies prepared by our Hosts: Sayaka Haruna-Kondracka & Filip Michalak.

Classical dance for youth and adults is a new proposal of the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk for people fascinated by this genre of dance. By participating in classes, a beautiful body posture is shaped, ballet technique is taught, it gains grace, control over its own body and conducting movements in the right way. Saturday lessons let you get to know ballet from the practical side with the accompaniment of a piano.


Host: Agnieszka Wojciechowska

Modern jazz is a class based on jazz technique with elements of contemporary dance. It is a dance of contrasts that combines dynamism as well as lyricism, acceleration as well as slowing down, lifting as well as falling and isolation. These workshops are suitable for people who would like to start their adventure with dance and for those who have already started it and want to gain more confidence and even more joy from dancing.

Classes will be conducted at two levels: basic dedicated to beginners from 12 years old & intermediate for people from 16 years of age who already have the first experience with this dance technique.

Host: Bartosz Kondracki
Classes last from October to June and take place in ballet halls (entrance from Towarowa St. / SKM Politechnika).