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14 piątek
Don Bucefalo

Don Bucefalo

Antonio Cagnoni

A humorous and energetic story about the adventures of the composer Don Bucefalo. Love threads are intertwined with roguealike, and the colorful characters make this opera take an ever faster pace which leads to a happy finale. Cagnoni, drawing on the achievements of its predecessors, creates an extremely colorful and musically beautiful story that entertains, touches and pulls you in like crazy.

Comic opera composedy by Antonio Cagnoni when he was 19 years old. Forgotten for a long time, Cagnoni returns today to the canon as the great inspiration of his time (Verdi, Rossini). Don Bucefalo is an opera about the opera, performance about the performance, musical satire on the tastes of nineteenth-century composers. The modernized version of the comedy does not lose humorous values, and the temperature of love affairs is getting even higher.


31 stycznia 2020


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