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King Roger

King Roger

Karol Szymanowski

One of the greatest masterpieces of the 20th century. Opera, oratorio and mystery at the same time. Carried out by the most renowned conductors and directors, it delights on opera stages almost all over the world.

 The action takes place in Sicily around 1150. During a service at the Cathedral of Palermo, King Roger and his wife Roxana and advisor Edrsi learn that the Church is being threatened by the founder of a new religion, a young beautiful Shepherd. At the king's request, the man is brought to the temple and accused of offending God. The crowd demands that the Shepherd be put to death, but the king, Roxana and Edrisi are impressed by his gentleness and humility. Roger, freeing him, orders him to appear in court.

While waiting for the Shepherd, the King confesses to Edrsi his fears about Roxana's feelings as she pleads for the Shepherd. This spell casts a spell on Roxana and the courtiers who join the intoxicating dance of love. However, the unshakable king orders the Shepherd to be imprisoned, who easily breaks the heavy chains and calls for an expedition to the land of eternal freedom. Everyone, including Roxana, follows him. Only Roger and Edrisi remain in the palace. The king relinquishes the throne and, as a pilgrim, goes in search of his wife and Shepherd.

The third act takes the plot to the ruins of the ancient theater in Syracuse. After a long journey, Roger and Edrisi arrived here. The king loudly calls Roxana, and she answers him first from afar, then appears before him and praises the cult of the Shepherd. They make a sacrificial fire together. Soon the Shepherd in his true form - Dionysus - enters the amphitheater. Full of delight, Roger sings the hymn to the rising sun.


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