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Theater workshops for groups

The Baltic Opera in Gdańsk organizes classes for children and youth accompanying performances in the repertoire. The scenarios of the classes are based on selected threads and issues of performances and in relation to the participants' own experiences. The workshops provide a space for free exchange of first impressions after the performance and attempts at interpretation. The goal of the course is not only to familiarize young viewers with the world of opera and ballet art, but also to develop their skills of conscious reception of art and stimulate creative activity. Classes are directed to specific age groups and are conducted by an educational animator and artist of the Baltic Opera.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Moniuszko in 2019, we invite you to workshops specially prepared for the occasion (from June to December 2019).

Hear Moniuszko!

Workshops dedicated to students in grades 5–8 of primary school and high school students.

During the workshops, the participants have the opportunity to meet Stanisław Moniuszko through his music and tracking facts and curiosities from his biography. Who was? Why did he write songs and arias? What was the inspiration for his operas? Did the times in which he lived influence what he created? And was he rightly called the father of the national opera? All this participants will learn from the story and through practical action.

Practical classes in the rehearsal room will be preceded by visiting the most important spaces in the opera.

Available workshop dates: September to December 2019.

Duration: 120 minutes
Number of people in the group: 25 people / one class
Cost of participation: 10 PLN / person

Details, information, registration:

Aneta Wojtkiewicz, tel. 509 607 912
Dział edukacji

Pinokio, direction and choreography by Giorgio Madia, music by Nino Rota
From a piece of wood to a gesture full of emotions
theater workshops after the performance

Classes for elementary school (10–12 years) and junior high school (13–15 years) students.
Classes are led by educational activities animator and Ballet artist Bartosz Kondracki
Duration: 45 minutes
Number of people in the group: 25 people
Registration is required at the following address: education@operabaltycka.pl
Cost of participation: 10 PLN / person

The Nutcracker
Believe in your dreams!
theater workshops after the performance

Workshops prepared as a context for the ballet performance "The Nutcracker" choreographed by François Mauduit addressed to organized groups of children aged 10–12. A joint summary of the content of individual acts helps to understand the sense of the performance and becomes a starting point for talking about children's own dreams and letting the imagination run wild in finding ways to implement them.

Audience can experience the ballet phenomenon on their own: take a close look at the movements and gestures performed by the dancer on the stage. The Ballet artist present during the workshops indicates the special requirements of the stage gesture and invites young participants to jointly try to combine elements of acting and simple elements of choreography. During classes, the interpenetration of such arts as theater, dance and music is emphasized in the ballet performance.

The workshops enable children to express themselves freely and strengthen their faith that their dreams can be fulfilled. It is also a great opportunity to meet Ballet artists and spend creative time.

Classes are conducted by an educational animator and Ballet artist
Duration: 45 minutes
Number of people in the group: 25 people
Registration is required at the following address: edukacja@operabaltycka.pl
Cost of participation: 10 PLN / person

Workshop location: Baltic Opera ballet hall
Workshops take place after the morning performances.

Registration and detailed information:

tel. 58 763 49 12 ext. 338.
Please report in advance the participation of persons with disabilities.