Opera Bałtycka

version for the visually impaired


The Baltic Opera is a unique place to organize your events.

The Baltic Opera auditorium has 476 seats (ground floor 416, balcony 56 seats, 4 seats for the disabled). The wooden ceiling panel with the original polychrome from the beginning of the 20th century gives the interior a unique character.

The Baltic Opera foyer is a modern and spacious interior equipped with elegant furniture. The area of ​​600m2 creates many arrangement possibilities. Inside there is a buffet for guests. An additional advantage of the place is the beautiful internal patio.

The Baltic Opera building is located at the main thoroughfare of the Tri-City, at the public transport node. It is adapted to receive disabled guests.

For the terms and conditions of renting the Opera audience and foyer, please contact:

Dorota Sławińska
58 763 49 12/13 ext. 313