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27 lipca 2022

International Shakespeare Festival 2022 in Gdansk

As part of the 26th International Shakespeare Festival, you will be able to see performances from Italy, Denmark, California (USA), Czech Republic, Norway and Poland. This year's motto is a reference to three extremely different foreign productions of "The Tempest" that will be hosted at the Festival and to the storms currently sweeping through the world - political, pandemic, climatic and those related to the human condition. It is also a reference to the title of the book by prof. Jerzy Limon entitled "Between Heaven and Stage".

There are foreign productions ahead of us, the best Polish Shakespearean performances and numerous accompanying events. Among others VR Hamlet, funeral musical, dance theater, art projects and street theater.

During the festival, the final of the competition for the Golden Yorick, for the best Polish adaptation of Shakespeare's plays, and the ShakespeareOFF competition, in which artists and non-institutional bands participate. The performances will be accompanied by workshops, meetings with authors, open rehearsals and debates, ie. an educational program, this year called "Storm in the brains".

On Thursday, July 28th, at 6:00 pm, at the Baltic Opera (al. Zwycięstwa 15), you will be able to see the effect of cooperation between Glad Teater and HamletScenen from Denmark - contemporary dance theater. On Friday, July 29th an open rehearsal of the play "Romeos & Julias unplagued. Traumstadt" at the Baltic Opera.


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