Opera Bałtycka

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Opera Backstage Tour

Opera Backstage Tour is wandering around the Baltic Opera and exploring operatic secrets by looking into the places inaccessible on a daily basis. The route leads from the foyer through the audience, the stage, stage magazines, to the make-up workshop, tailor's and costume rental. While visiting the opera, we will learn the history of the institution and of the place where it is located. We will discover the specifics of the theater and the secrets of the work of opera artists: artistic groups of the choir, orchestra and ballet.

Depending on the day, it is possible to suspect the rehearsal of one of the groups, e.g. ballet or choir. Once a month, you can join the group visiting the Opera before the performance.

Beginning of the tour at 9:00, duration 70–90 minutes.

The group size is about 12 people and two carers.

The cost of participation is 10 PLN / person (group leaders visit the Opera for free)

Tours take place on weekdays from October to June.

In the event of a smaller number of participants (difference of 5 is allowed), the group leader will be asked to compensate for the absent persons.

Please report the participation of disabled persons in advance.

Detailed info:
58 763 49 12 wew. 338