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Agnieszka Długołęcka-Kuraś

Agnieszka Długołęcka-Kuraś

Head of the Choir

A graduate (with honors) of master's studies specialty in choral conducting in the class of professor Waldemar Górski, a graduate of the piano class undergraduate dr hab. Paweł Rydel at the The Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk. Laureate of the 17th National Competition of Choir Conductors in Poznań, founder of the Artistic and Scientific Society of Choir Conducting and Oratorio-Cantata Synergia. From 2018, she was the head of the Baltic Opera Choir, from 2017 the conductor of the Baltic Opera Children's Choir and the Canzonetta Children's Choir at the 1st and 2nd degree OSM F. Nowowiejski in Gdańsk. Twice she received a scholarship from the Rector of the Music Academy in Gdańsk and a scholarship from the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

In July 2017, she participated in the World Youth Choir session, gave concerts in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia under the baton of eminent conductors: Zoltan Pad (Hungary) and Ken Wakia (Kenya). Soprano in the Mixed Choir of the Department of the Fourth Academy of Music in Gdańsk, with which she won significant awards at international festivals, including: the 10th International Slovakia Cantat Festival (two Golden Diplomas, 2017), the 12th International Mundus Cantat Festival in Sopot (Golden Diploma, 2016). Since 2013, he has been a member of the 441 Hz Chamber Choir, with which she received significant awards, including: Grand Prix at the III International Music Festival of Józef Świder in Cieszyn (2017), Grand Prix at the XII International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat in Sopot (2016), Gold Diploma at the 46th National Choir Tournament Legnica Cantat (2015), and also recorded the songs: Song of the North (2017) and Modern Choral Masterpieces (2015). She took part in masterclasses in conducting and voice emission, among others with: R. Joost (Estonia), J. Eikiem Tulve (Estonia), prof. P. R. Crabbem (USA), prof. K. Szydzisz.