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Age group: 7 months - 3 years
Baby Opera

Baby Opera

Baby Opera is music and movement class for the youngest. Children and their parents spend their time creatively and can draw inspiration for further musical adventures. Classes are run by artists from the Choir, Orchestra, Ballet and soloists cooperating with the Baltic Opera.

  • listening and performing music calms nerves, tense muscles and adds energy;
  • music stimulates the development of the central nervous system and affects the brain, i.e. supports stages that are particularly important in the first years of life;
  • sounds and rhythms are a natural play environment, which promotes the development of movement coordination and guarantees a joyful atmosphere;
  • listening to music stimulates and develops hearing, helps in concentration and memory. A sensitive ear will hear more and find itself better in the surroundings;
  • music triggers imagination, creativity, spontaneity in young and elders;
  • playing together with children is an opportunity to make friends with music from an early age, so that they can reach for it later and willingly;
  • time with peers is great fun, and through playing children learn the most;
  • after classes at the Opera, you can take good energy home with you and draw on it until the next meeting.

  • classes last 40 minutes and are conducted in a large ballet hall (entrance from Towarowa Street);
  • we encourage you to come about 10–15 minutes earlier so that children get used to the new place;
  • classes are conducted in a small groups. The group has a maximum of 15 children together with their parents;
  • the vestibule of the ballet hall is equipped with a changing table;
  • toys and books will make waiting for classes more pleasant.

22 października 2017


40 minut


Co-financed by the National Center for Culture as part of the “Culture – Interventions 2017” program.

  • Organizer - the Self-government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • National Centre for Culture (Poland)
  • Familytime.pl
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