Opera Bałtycka

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Stanislav Moniuszko

A humorous and ironic commentary on the behavior of society at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. The young widow, the title Countess, wants to get a handsome officer Kazimierz. In turn, his feelings were awakened by Bronia, a girl from a noble family. The action, filled with the adventures of the heroes, strives for a happy finale in which Bronia marries Kazimierz, and the mannered Countess goes away defeated.

In this way, Moniuszko and his librettist, Włodzimierz Wolski, mark several levels of the operatic story. On the one hand, of course, is the story of two women falling in love and competing for man's favor. On the other hand, the Countess is a charming document showing the then life of the upper classes and impoverished nobility. From the third, on the other hand, this opera presents the views of the artists themselves, who clearly show sympathy for the latter social group. They are not hidden in the whole work with their patriotic views. All this is emphasized in the musical layer, which reflects the character of not only subsequent stages, but also individual social groups, and sometimes characters.

In the Gdańsk implementation, the patriotic theme is pushed to the background, and the problems of the present day come to the fore – the Countess's palace becomes a shopping center, which in today's consumerism world becomes the most important public space.

May 10 2019

Half an hour before the performance, we invite you to a lecture by Jerzy Snakowski, who will briefly present the work and point out possible interpretative paths, sharing with the viewers curiosities and anecdotes related to the title. During the break on the monitors in the foyer, we will show what happens during the interaction behind the curtain, we will also talk with producers and performers. And after the performance, we will invite viewers to live opera chats with Jerzy Snakowski. In the opera foyer, an expert will be waiting for those who want to share their thoughts, emotions and doubts.


5 maja 2019


3 h ( 2 przerwy)


  • Organizer - the Self-government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • City of Gdansk

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