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12 sobota 18:00


Ludwig van Beethoven

Fidelio, although it is Ludwig van Beethoven's only opera, is not an isolated example of commitment to the fight for social equality in his compositional output. 2020 has been proclaimed the Year of Beethoven, but we will also stage Fidelio on the 30th anniversary of German reunification, one of the events that determined the political personality of modern Europe.

The director of the show uses the example of the emerging "Solidarity" and other movements which at that time already announced the formation of a new project of Europe as a tangle of mutually dependent states, cooperating to achieve more than just social order. An important thread, raised both by the producers and Beethoven himself, is the issue of love and sacrifice for the other person. Is this a sufficiently stable foundation for the new order?

The artistic activity of the Baltic Opera focuses on presenting works that are distinguished not only by their musical preparation, but also by playing with important social contexts. Fidelio – the story of a devoted wife who, risking her own life, wants to save a loved one who has been unjustly thrown into prison – definitely fits in with engaged opera genre.


10 września 2021


2 h 30 (1 przerwa)


  • Organizer - the Self-government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship
  • European Solidarity Centre
  • City of Gdansk

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