Opera Bałtycka

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Latino night

4 seasons in Buenos Aires / Estancia / Anna Frank

The end of June is a time of vacation, fun and freedom. However, this is a time that does not release you from the need to reflect. This is also what Mauricio Wainrot suggests, who through his choreography tries to convey imperishable and inalienable values ​​such as personal freedom, but also the freedom of others. The starting point are the works of Argentine composers, Piazzolla and Ginaster, who through their musical language convey native folklore in conjunction with the innovations of the 20th century. The difficult history of Argentina, enclosed in these musical stories, is complemented by the narrative with which Wainrot identifies himself – a ballet about Anne Frank, whose tragic fate resembles the history of his own family.

With his choreographies, Wainrot reminds that lively music not only encourages dance, but also moves the deepest human emotions.



Piazzolla, The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

A. Ginaster, suite from the ballet Estancia

B. Bartok, Music for stringed instruments, percussion and celesta (Anna Frank)

A performance for viewers the age of 12


22 czerwca 2019


  • Organizer - the Self-government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship

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