Opera Bałtycka

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Jules Massenet

Massenet, apart from his most famous opera Manon, was remembered thanks to the extremely lyrical vocal miniatures. According to the composer himself, the music was primarily to give pleasure and provoke deep experiences, so he tried to compose, but also selected the content of his works.

Thaïs is the story of a beautiful courtesan who almost hypnotizes his admirers with grace and beauty. Her lecherous life, however, is the salt in the eye of the young monk, Atanael. At all costs he tries to convert a promiscuous woman. As a result of this peculiar crusade, Atanael discovers that it was not really about conversion, but about acquiring the unusual and magical love of Thaïs. However, it is too late because his chosen one dies.

Thaïs is a story about the passions that engulf people, but also about the dangers of excessive religious fascination. It also opens the field for discussion and attempts to answer questions about the hierarchy of values: whether love and temporal passions are more important, or eternal salvation...



1 marca 2019


3h (2 przerwy)


  • Organizer - the Self-government of the Pomeranian Voivodeship

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