Opera Bałtycka

version for the visually impaired



  1. Only healthy people are allowed to attend a performance. You will not be allowed into the Opera if you are a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19 or if you do not follow the safety rules.
  2. While in the Opera, you are required to cover your mouth and nose at all times. You will be able to buy a face mask from a vending machine located at the entrance.
  3. The Opera will open 1 hour before the performance. Please arrive early to avoid long lines. Keep a safe distance of 1,5 m from other audience members. When in a crowd, please keep a 2 m distance. 
  4. You are required to use the provided hand sanitizer at the entrance to the Opera. Please remember to disinfect your hands frequently while in the building.
  5. Please hand a completed Health Declaration Form to the Audience Services staff. The Declaration can be downloaded from the Opera’s website (the INFO tab). You will be able to fill out the Declaration in the Opera, but we strongly recommend bringing a completed form with you.
  6. The cloakroom will be closed. You can take your outwear with you into the auditorium.
  7. The ticket office will close one hour before the performance. Please arrive early to pick up your tickets.
  8. Please follow the instructions from the Audience Services staff. People not following the instructions will not be allowed into the building or asked to leave.


Tuesday–Friday 12:00–19:00
Saturday: 14:00–19:00
Sunday and holidays: two hours before the performance

kasabiletowa@operabaltycka.pl, 58 763 49 06 or 58 763 49 12/13 (ext. 342)